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“HORN OF PLENTY” a memorial poem for Joel Levy

HORN OF PLENTY for Joel Levy Just before the refrain, you pulled the stops. Crooning Out “Stormy Monday” while everybody swooned—not from the words Exactly, but the surge, [..]

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“THAT FALL” arrived today

Today I received a box from Finishing Line Press that contained author copies of my new book of poems, “That Fall.” They spilled out on the dining room [..]

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poem from THE EXAMINED LIFE JOURNAL Spring 2011

LORRAINE TROUTMAN’S ROSES for Dr. Aimee Kohn One season, between jobs and men, I potted pansies, weeded beds for cash.  The air was cold, spring barely evident but [..]

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Hempsonian Institute Radio Show debuts on KPTZ Radio 91.9

  On May 15th KPTZ went live on the air. The first of the Hempsonian Institute of Higher Yearning shows aired at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST.  [..]

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